You cannot imagine my dear Martin, how the fog here blurs the horizon, joining the water and sky and enlarging the Lake, once in time they say it bathed the city. I live here in a barrak with roof of cane. Already I can see you envy me, I spend all day hunting. If want to go rabbit shooting ,I go to the Devesa which is very populated with pine trees and asparagus. If I want to hunt waterfowl, I catch a boat and shoot into the Lake. I have gained name for myself among fellow other hunters who know nothing of my paintings and most consider me a natural born hunter. After the hunt comes lunch. Mrs Pepa serves us a rat whit rice dish and a dish of eel so tastey you would kill for it ; There are also very good shrimps raised in the Lake. It would be paradise if not for mosquitoes which in turn eat us. Francisco de Goya y Lucientes, written to his friend Zapater. 3rd of August 1790 Vicente Muñoz Puelles published in the newspaper El Pais, day 7 may 1992

Coca of puff pastry with sausage and onion 2€
Stew Croquette with goats cheese and curry 2,5€
Mullador of mackerel and tomatoes from our garden 12€
Vegetables with white cheese and mojama 9€
Carpaccio of squid with garlic and parsley oil 8,50€
Squid whit blanquet cinnamon sauce 12€
Salad of lettuce with smoked fish and ice cream 10€
All i Pebre of eels 14€
Grilled octopus wiht mashed potatoes and paprika 15€
Arroces secos en Paella
Paella de pato, pollo y conejo 14€
Arroz a Banda 10€
Arroz moreno de sepia y verdura 10€
Arroz negro 10€
Arroz del “Senyoret” 16€
Arroz de Bogavante 19,50€
Arroz de Marisco y Algas 18€
Arroces Melosos
Arroz de la Barca 12€
Arroz con cordero, pollo y setas 14€
Arroz del “Senyoret” 16€
Arroz de Bogavante 19,50€
Arroz de Marisco y Algas 18€
Pollo corral a la antigua 12€
Chuletón con guarnición 20€
Cordero confitado con puré de patatas y setas 15€
Bacalao confitado con salsa pil-pil y mostaza 12€
Suquet de pescado y marisco (Precio por ración, mínimo 2 personas) 18€